F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What can I tell you about Season Five?

Unfortunately, not much. I have talked with two people who work with Dawsons Creek. The first, who was an set/equipment manager says the remote location for next year's university will either be Boston or Baltimore. This is assuming that they set S5 after the summer. However, I talked with a writer, who says they have a whole summer block to film, so it also likely they will just set S5 after D/J's kiss. The summer diaries on the website lend credence to first theory though, I just don't know how they will handle that situation. It may cause a lack of interest if the group is split up.

2.Which episodes would you consider the "Top Five"?

1."The Pilot" Because it gets to the core of the series and the characters 2."True Love" Because Pacey finally wins something 3."The Kiss" Because Joey finally wins something 4."Eastern Standard Time" Because we learn the truth about jen's past 5."The Anti-Prom" Because of the war between Pacey and Dawson

3.Am I a Dawson/Joey or Pacey/ Joey?

Ah, the inevitable hard question. I think how I watch the show really determines this. At the end of Season 3, I really felt sympathetic for Pacey, but at S4's start, when they were "together" I lost some of that. I don't like Joey and Pacey as a couple, however, Pacey will still probably always be my favorite character. Even with that said, I'm a Dawson/Joey fan.

4.How do perceive the future of Dawsons Creek?

It's gonna be a tough road ahead. I just can't see how they can coordinate a season with the cast split in different locations. If somehow they were all thrown back together, the series could probably enjoy many a good couple of more years, but that probably won't happen. If I were handling the situation, I would stop the series now and make "Dawson's Creek:The Movie". Start the film from the cliffhanging kiss. I just don't want to see such a great series run into the ground and then made into a T.V reunion 20 years from now.

5.How can you be contacted?

If you have any questions regarding the site, need more directions to a location, or just want someone to talk The Creek with, I encourage any and all of you to give me an e-mail: quigonjinn55@hotmail.com Or click this link Mail Me