The Firebelly

The crowd here can be rough.If you remember your news, Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi were involved in a viscious brawl here, in which Buscemi was stabbed three times. Katie Holmes and Josh Jackson have been said to frequent this lounge with great taco's. It is located on North Front Street.

The Reel Cafe

The cast likes to eat here. It is the best food in Wilmington and has live music. They also have a signed poster up in the front with all the cast sigs.Located on Front Street.

Screen Gems Studios and Hollywood Cafe

Of course, filming is done here. One sound stage houses the Leery House and one houses CHS and Andie's bedroom. You can see the first on a Saturday or Sunday tour. There is also a Cafe that has a mural and souvenirs. The cast also frequents here. Screen Gems is located by the Airport.